Pininfarina Space Pen with Metal Stand

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The PININFARINA SPACE has been studied as a writing instrument suitable for microgravity environments, such as the I.S.S.The Ethergraf, of which the tip is made, proved to be an excellent material for writing in these physical conditions.The astronauts, can therefore use it in a microgravity condition.

This writing instrument has also been donated to the crew of the International Space Station (ISS) during the last V.I.T.A. mission.

  • Designed By Pininfarina
  • 100% Made In Italy
  • Writing Technique 500 Years Old Used By Leonardo Da Vinci During Period Of Renaissance
  • Writing Doesn't Use Ink , Doesn't Use Graphite , Doesn't Need Refills
  • Way Of Writing By Paper Oxidation (Reaction Between Metal Tip And Paper During Friction )
  • Write On Any Paper, Except Laminated Paper
  • Such Items As Been Used By Astronauts

  • Key Features

  • Body material : Diecast Magnesium with steel clips
  • Basement material: Circular basement in Aluminum
  • Tip: Ethergraf® metal alloy
  • Body dimensions : Lenght 157mm — diameter 10mm
  • Body weight : 15gr
  • Packaging : Carton box
  • Overall dimensions : Lenght 145mm — Width 140mm - Height 42mm
  • Overall weight : 265 gr.